Posted by on 10 Aug 2009 in Hardware | 12 comments

I’ve had an official Xbox 360 ‘Play & Charge’ kit for a year or so now, and the battery life has slowly but surely dropped to nothing over that time. I decided to take it to pieces to see if I could figure out what was up with it. As you can see from the image below, there’s not a lot to it.

Xbox 360 Battery Pack Disassembled

The two halves are just cemented together – you can see the “dashed” effect the cement has left in along the edges. If you want to open one up, you just have to force the two halves apart with enough force to break the bond between them. At least that’s what I did!

There’s (what I assume is) a thermistor that sits between the cells for monitoring their temperature. It’s also fairly obvious the battery pack is just two standard 2100mAh NiMH AA cells. In my case, I assume that one or both of them has stopped working so I’ve ordered some new ones. Hopefully I can just drop them straight in there and all will be good once again. Stay tuned.